by Tripolee

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All we see, is nothing...
All we feel, is everything...


• Ground
• See the spinning world
• and we but tiny insects on the
• skin of a giant pearl
• we stretch our legs and walk it
• Where do we go
• I just don't know
• cause everyday the sun comes out
• and off we go again

• Crater in the earth
• and sinkholes in the ceiling
• but they're digging up the dirt
• and I can see it falling
• Bright summer's day
• I cannot stay
• cause the ground is calling, sky is falling
• take me underground

• All we see is nothing
• but all we feel is everything, can't you see
• All that we're seeing is nothing, yea nothing
• but all that we're feeling is everything

• Way down underground,
• I'm moving through the darkness
• and all the life around me
• goes tunneling away
• Roots crawl up the ceiling
• and bury me inside them
• and all the light is missing
• as we travel further down

• Deep down underground
• the floor is up above us
• and every sound you hear is gonna take your breath away
• I get the rumble in my body
• and deep down in my bones too
• now can you hear it, can you feel it
• take me further down


released June 13, 2014
Brian Sweeterman - Guitar
Rachel Hoffman - Vocals
Rich Fling - Drums
Stan Skipper - Bass



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